People are missing the point of the video. Some say what’s wrong with being black!? or how we’ll just be mindless machines. You have it all wrong. He never said anything wrong with being black. He said the same for many other races. He saying that we shouldn’t define our selves by black or white because people will have a presumption about you. Face it, blacks are sadly looked down upon, don’t try to deny it. They’re considered gangsters or the only good rappers. You know how some look at vanilla ice and call him so white or others against white rappers. Every race is looked down upon by someone, and this video tells us why.

Labels. From birth we had to be whatever race we got. We started not being racist but something happened, like society pushing it on us. I mean, think about Muslims. For a while, most were okay, but when 911 happened, everything changed. Just because they were Muslim, people started to look down upon them. I mean just look at the kid who brung a clock to school, only to be arrested because they thought it was a bomb, which he repeatedly said it wasn’t. Or how Jews were hated because many thought they were imperfect because of there beliefs and looks!

They say we’d be mindless robots if we looked the same, but we wouldn’t because we still have the mind, that’s not what it means though, imagine a world where no person is labeled. Instead, we looked different, but we’re all considered one race. No blacks, whites, or anything else, just people. Slavery might have never happened, world war I or II. Things that happened because of labels. We don’t need to be all the same. We then would become mindless robots, but just imagine a world were everyone is treated equally. That’s all I have so say.



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