Dearest Marie, As war ends for me, I have no regrets.

I’ve seen too much horror. I hope fate has been merciful to you. Our time on Earth is brief. Mine has been filled with so much joy, I can only be thankful for how much I’ve been blessed. Most specially, for the wonder you brought into my life.

This letter will be my last. I have been found guilty by a military court for a death of an officer. It was not my intention to kill him.

War makes men mad. And though I failed Karl, I know my sacrifice will not have been in vain. I fought for my country and liberty.

My honour is assured. Since it is the will of God to separate men on Earth, I hope we will meet again in heaven. Keep me your prayers.

Your loving papa, Always.

During peace sons bury their fathers. During war fathers bury their sons. -Herodotus

Even though there bodies have long since returned to dust. Their sacrifice, still lives on. We must strive to cherish their memories. And NEVER FORGET!


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