EVERYONE IS RAGE : We all have circumstances that could keep us small

I’m always going to be sick. Living with mental health illness isn’t something you can just shake off one day – for many of us, it’s there for life. But it’s no longer this scary controlling part of my mind that I live in fear of – it’s a part of me, one that I’m starting to understand and resent less and less each and every single day. It’s taught me that it’s okay to be a little broken – that ultimately the things that break us can be the things that push us to do big and beautiful things that we never thought we’d be capable of. It’s not an excuse to just sit back and let life happen to me – it’s a reason to fight harder, work harder, and dream bigger than ever before. Because when life showed me how fragile it can be, I decided to not waste anymore time staying small and insignificant just because I have an illness that is damn hard to live with.

We all have circumstances that could keep us small.

We have all felt saddened at some point in our lives. Sometimes life gets too much and you just wish you could break free. Work, relationships, kids, money… they can all trigger negative feelings in us. This is normal, but if this becomes a constant feeling, lasting weeks rather than days and it makes us feel like giving up, it’s time to seek help.

Depression is a very serious and common condition that affects our mood, thoughts and body. It can present itself through deep sadness, excessive guilt, anxiety, or lack of drive to carry out our basic self-care. Sometimes it takes away sleep and appetite. At other times it make make us incapable of socialising or enjoying the things we normally love to do. When we suffer depression we tend to isolate ourselves from family, friends, work or school; making it worse for ourselves and leaving our loved ones confused about our condition and their role in helping us. After all, talking about depression is not easy. It doesn’t have any visible symptoms and sometimes we cannot even explain how or when it started.

1. I’m not moody, it’s my brain!

Depression also causes changes in the brain that result in changes in behaviour.  People affected can cry for no reason, isolate themselves and have no energy to do anything at all. You need to make sure your loved ones understand you don’t do these things for attention, it’s the direct result of the changes the condition causes in the brain. Some patience and understanding is the best help you can get.

2. Keep me busy and engaged, even if I want to give up. Or stay with me if I can’t make it.

There will be times when those affected will just want to dig themselves deeper into their own grief. At those times they will need someone to help them keep socialising and engaged. Ask your friend/partner/relative to understand your reasons to avoid social situations, but still try to pull you into it and be understanding as well if you just can’t make it one day. You will feel less lonely when you realise that someone cares about you and wants to spend quality time together.

Don’t be embarrassed to be open about your condition. If after making the effort to explain it, someone fails to understand your illness, stay calm and give them time. Some people feel fear or rejection towards topics that are new to them, and they might just need some time to come to terms with it. If after that time they still don’t understand, remember the problem is theirs, not yours!

Loss in life is inevitable. Everyone in life suffers a loss, whatever it may be. But, losses and tragedies in life are not meant to be pondered upon for a long time. When you suffer a loss, do not just hold it inside. But, let it flow outside of you, in the form of words, tears, or anything that you feel comfortable with. Many people believe crying is for the weak, but crying is a very important part of life.

When you suffer a loss or a defeat, and if you feel terrible, saddened and like crying, just let it all out. It is important that you let out all your feelings and fears. This is a kind of consolation you give to yourself. If you let your old thoughts festers inside yourself, it will only hurt you more. So, just let it all out. If you feel like talking to someone, don’t hesitate.

Accept the fact that there is no alternate to acceptance.

Time heals everything, and life goes on. Life has a lot to offer, just look around and you will find reasons to accept the loss, reasons to be grateful for the blessings, reasons to rise again and move on.




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