Sorry i didt mean to throw that line, about those line which hurt ur feelings, i didt mean to mock/offense u with my words. At that time i was temporary mad, or my anger at its peak.

Cause i cant graps the reality, i cant understand what the problem is.

You hurt me, i cant understand.. So i hurt you back. I dont even tryn to understand bout what u felt and contemplate bout it instead.

As i lay here in my bed, recallin all tht ive learned. Im thinkin all bout u and i have experienced that we have been through together (good and bad).

Once again. I’m incredibly embarrassed and ashamed for all the bad that I said and done to you. About you mother too. Im sorry. That was thoughtless line ever. Now it became my one of my fault/guilt/regret/embarrassing moment which make me think I wish that I could push a rewind button of my life

I couldn’t think clearly that time, cause i was feeling hurt and lost in the dark that i didt see. I take full responsibility for what i have done.

You are right, im slutty, bad person, im far worst than cj.. But there’s nothing to do with dan, she is the nice one.

Now i understand, that’s ur right to choose a path makes you to be happy with, and who am i, who tryn to keep u, tie you up and told you to stay with me while you r not happy at all. Even you r not my property rights.

And i also want to add, that guy would be so lucky to have you.. I was so luck to have you.

And i will continue my efforts in bettering myself as im becoming a much better person.

I want to say. That im sorry. I imagine this is mean nothing to u and no longer holds any weigh, but i feel universe remorses for all that i said to you.

Im prepared and willing to accept that you won’t forgive me. I just wanted you to know the truth about how i feel and to attempt to make peace with people in our past, whom we ve hurt or hurt us, whether you accept or reject my apology is up to you, and at least i tried.

I have learned to effectively use the experience of the past to help with my efforts in making myself and my life better. And now i want to make peace with you, once more i want, with my every beat of my heart. Im sorry.


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