Fact an anti-social is someone who doesn’t care and violates others.

While in a social is someone who doesn’t like to socialize. It turns out that in the field of psychology the proper term for someone who doesn’t like to talk is called an a-social.

Antisocial behavior or antisocial personality disorder ASPD is diagnosed as a personality disorder in which the person exhibits a lack of conscience for wrong doings an individual’s personality becomes overwhelmed by an abnormal mentality that causes negative patterns of behavior ASPD typically manifests during late childhood to early adolescence and continues into adulthood according to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

People who are diagnosed with antisocial behavior often display patterns of not only resistance to Authority but also frequent manipulation exploitation and violation of rights of others the exact cause of ASPD is unknown because there are many genetic and environmental factors that affect the development of this disorder a person is at greater risk of developing antisocial personality if they are male was abused as a child have parents who also have ASPD or grew up with alcoholic adult figures children with ASPD tend to display cruelty towards animals as well as have a high tendency to enjoy setting illegal fires symptoms that manifest in adults include frequent bursts of anger arrogance manipulation with remorse aggressive behavior and violent tendencies no regard to personal safety or the safety of others and lack of guilt or regret of any wrong doing.


Some examples antisocial behavior include but are not limited to harassing conning lying bullying etc others here’s a list however in my own non-professional opinion someone who is anti-social carries similar characteristics as Psychopaths namely someone who hurts others without any clear or logical motives on the other hand a social is a term to describe a person’s behavior that is characterized by the deliberate avoidance of social interaction people who are diagnosed as a social tend to be inconsiderate or quite hostile towards others a social behavior is frequently observed in people who suffer from personality autism spectrum or mood disorders some include Schizophrenia, depression, autism, asperger syndrome and social anxiety disorder (SAD).


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