Four types of narcissism, narcissism and vanity are often considered mirror images of each other. We think of both as being enamored with their own beauty image and self-centered attitudes this however is a shallow representation of what narcissism really is.

Narcissism is a spectrum on one side you have self assurance and confidence which makes for a happy and healthy personality on the other side you have narcissistic personality disorder which is self-centered non empathetic and emotionally draining to be around.

Narcissism and vanity are somewhere in the middle, they’re not healthy. But they’re not as damaging as NPD.

NPD can only be diagnosed by a professional and isn’t something you can develop or catch the seed of narcissism, is usually planted in childhood differences in upbringing make for differences in narcissism and change which narcissistic traits people develop what types of narcissism are.

Narcissistic people it could narciss about either body oriented called the somatic narcissist or personality oriented called the cerebral narcissist :

  1. Somatic narcissists : focus on looking better than everyone else they’re the ones with the fancy clothes perfect hair and gym bodies.
  2. Cerebral narcissists : focus on things like being smarter or funnier than everyone else they’ll start debates in order to win them and live off the praise fed to them

From other people on top of this body mind division there are also four main ways narcissism can present itself :

  1. Overt narcissism : loud outspoken and always right these narcissists tend to be bullies and use their words to tear down the people around them this is the most common presentation of narcissism.
  2. Covert narcissism : sneaky like snakes in the grass, you might not even recognize this person as the narcissist they pretend to be kind and gentle when in reality but they’re manipulative and cold it’s, feeding off the people closest to them they use people as a means to an end to gain money power or fame, whatever they want.
  3. Seductive narcissism : we don’t mean seductive like high heels, and fishnets these narcissists tend to praise and idolize people to them in order to get the same response back they sucker people in with admiration and compliments then drop you with no warning by playing hot and cold they keep you on the hook and get their ego constantly fed.
  4. Vindictive narcissism : these people aim shoot and destroy they’re the most dangerous of all the narcissists and might be confused with the overt narcissists because of how outspoken they are be warned these people will do and say anything to destroy their victims and often will trash talk and incite anger on other third parties to turn more people against their victim.



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