I don’t understand how suicidal prevention would help.
Because if I really want to kill myself, I prefer to not tell anyone, and don’t let anyone to find me so failed suicide attempt wont be my next failure in life..

18th of August, 1941

Dear Fritz, dear Liesel, dear Boys! […] It is not Russianism that will bring about the destruction of the earth but Americanism, not just the English but all of Europe has fallen prey to it as it represents modernity in its monstrosity.

I know by my own experience how, from a stranger met by chance, there may come an irresistible appeal which overturns the habitual perspectives just as a gust of wind might tumble down the panels of a stage set – what had seemed near becomes infinitely remote and what had seemed distant seems to be close.

We are generally “inauthentic”, doing and believing what one does and believes. But sometimes we ascend to “authenticity”, choosing to do our own thing, a feat that is especially encouraged by an awareness of the inevitability of one’s own death.

Humans alone among the animals are aware of death, since we alone are “temporal”, reaching back into the past and anticipating the future. Our temporality helps to explain how we alone have a certain distance or “elbow room” with respect to other beings, how we have freedom from our immediate surroundings, and how we alone become aware of our position as a being among the whole of beings, and can therefore engage in philosophy.

By coining new, technical terms like “thrownness” (Geworfenheit), and by referring to the human being not as a person or even a “subject” but as Dasein—literally, in German, “being-there”

I almost think that hope is for the soul what breathing is for the living organism. Where hope is lacking the soul dries up and withers…

Our emotions are like snow.. they are there for a moment in our life. But then they melt away one day only for another emotion to take its place.

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

He’s a moderate, I’m a commie. We somehow get along swimmingly and actually have a lot of common ground, politically. We compliment each other quite well and our relationship is the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever had. When we do disagree about sonething it tends to never evolve into a fight but rather a debate and discussion. It’s actually a lot of fun and it gets us….well….excited (wink, wink) I guess as long as you’re not a right wing fake christian Nazi or an insufferable liberal dumbass with no redeeming qualities then I could totally date you!

I dont think i could, i dated a guy who wanted to go back under feudalism because he played too many medieval video games. That shit was face palm inducing buth otherwise in practice he was a-political and absolutely hated talking about it, which irked me as a hard lefty who really was passionate about politics and political systems.

Now it’s at the very least dem or bust, and honestly i can barely stand democrats but thats the closest you’re gonna get under most circumstances.

Honestly until i meet a fellow socialist who seems to get me to a certain extent, ill stick to my books, video games, and music. Im too a social for friends anyways, let alone lovers

Maybe. If he’s rich. And old. With convenient yet lethal allergies.The left don’t support gold diggers lol

“My wife is an apathetic centrist. But shes also funny, giving and kind and has an a grade rack. Id take the last three over : “we have the same politics”

I have always been a feminist, twice divorced. Hubby one was handy with his fists. Hubby two was a control freak who criticised everything I did. We fought constantly because he would not stay the fuck out of my face with his bossy, directive bullshit. I have been with my current partner for five years. Never once has he treated me like a lesser life form. Not being a bossy knowall cunt does wonders for a relationship fellas.

Tbf society wires and raises men to think that they must provide. That if they do not provide the most they are failures. I think that logic is stupid cause hey more money. But years of hardwiring is hard to unscramble even with solid logic.

“Seharusnya apa?”. Pertanyaan bagus itu. Yang pasti, siapapun yang bilang kalau jawabannya cuma 1 (seperti soal grit di video di atas), gue yakin salah. Pengetahuan kita terhadap hal ini masih rada-rada terbatas karena bisa dibilang ini research area yang relatif baru. Tapi ada beberapa yang menurut gue menarik, antara lain:

– Self Control
Coba baca-baca tentang self-control dan marshmallow experiment yang terkenal itu. Ini penelitiannya jauh lebih lama dibandingkan penelitian tentang grit. Sejauh ini, self-control adalah prediktor yang akurat banget apakah seseorang itu bakalan tamat sekolah atau drop out, apakah dia akan terjerumus kegiatan kriminal atau enggak, dsb. Kita belum bener-bener tahu apa yang membuat self-control seseorang itu tinggi. Sejauh ini kayaknya keturunan berpengaruh, tapi lingkungan juga berpengaruh.

– Deliberate Practice
Ini yang lu baca di blog zenius kan? Iya kita beberapa kali mention ini. Intinya, banyak skill yang bisa didapat melalui latihan yang di-desain secara khusus untuk meningkatkan performance pada skill spesifik tersebut. Orang yang jago-jago banget ternyata menghabiskan sekitar 10.000 jam untuk berlatih sebelum dia jadi master di catur, atlet (football, dsb), musik, dsb. Bahkan untuk berpikir rasional dan berpikir kreatif pun kalau nggak salah bisa dicapai pakai DP ini. Tapi apakah ini berlaku di bidang apapun? Butuh penelitian lebih lanjut.

– Working memory
Working memory ini punya korelasi kuat terhadap kemampuan matematika dan kemampuan reading anak. Development terhadap ini terjadi semasa kecil. Kalau semasa kecil anak mengalami stress yang tinggi, maka developmentnya akan terganggu. Stress itu bisa muncul dari stress orang tua yang tertular ke anak (dalam bentuk bentakan, pukulan, dsb). Ini juga sebabnya kenapa anak-anak dari kelas ekonomi bawah sering nggak perform di sekolah. Kebanyakan anak-anak kelas ekonomi bawah, working memory-nya rendah.

– Self-Determination Theory
Coba baca-baca tentang SDT. Ini tentang theory of motivation. Apa yang membuat orang-orang termotivasi untuk melakukan sesuatu? Apa yang membuat orang-orang tertarik untuk belajar. Menurut teori ini, autonomy, mastery, and sense of purpose itu memegang peranan penting. Teori ini menurut gue udah lumayan established juga karena udah lama dan evidence-nya udah lumayan banyak.


Itu gue baru mention 4 aja yang menarik dan menurut gue worth untuk di-mention. Tapi sebenernya ya masih banyak lagi.


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