How Adventure Make You Smarter, Stronger, and Attractive…

I apologize for the terrible Russian accent you’re about to get he says ‘you’ll give me little gift, you go home on plane’ .

And I’m like damn this dude wants a bribe now a month ago I have no idea how I would have dealt with a situation like this I’ve never been prepared for it.

It’s not entirely true actually probably what I would have done is gone to the closest cash machine withdrawn my life savings and given it this man to make this problem go away. But now that I’ve been in Russia for a little while seeing how things work a little bit differently here got in the lay of the land I think to myself know I bet I can get out of this without paying and I’m not quite sure how so I’m thinking.

I’m thinking the first thing that comes to mind is I’ll just pretend like I don’t speak English – yes and so I hold my hand out back to him and I say yes please gift thank you, turns back to me, he says ‘no you give me little gift, you go home’.

I’m playing and I’m like yes ‘me go home, on plane… Thank you’.

And so we do this like 14 – 15 times and this guy is getting, this guy is getting pretty annoyed all right and the line behind me is backed up out the door this tiny little airport finally he gets so fed up he throws his hands in the air and says forget it, just go, just go.

So I pick up my bags I say gift please, plane thank you… bye bye get on the plane and we’re off but what I realized was it adventure actually makes you smarter it made me smarter given my brain a tool to use to solve a problem that I would not have been able to solve before an adventure can make you smarter as well.

But here’s what’s really fascinating is it decades of research have shown that if you take this same question and these same figures to other parts of the world places where people don’t spend as much time staring at walls or places.

Where there are no walls at all the people there do not struggle with this problem or with this question at all but they struggle with other ones and so just by exposing yourself to new cultures.

Putting yourself in new environments you can actually give your you can actually give your brain a new tool to use to solve a difficult problem if venture really does make you smarter.

Shackleton had played very well on this concept that I like to call big dream influence.

He wanted to go the South Pole he want to be the first person there his idea his dream was so big that people couldn’t help but notice right and when you do something the people can’t help but notice once they see it they can’t help but get interested and once they’re interested it’s only a matter of time before they want to be a part of it.

Most people you know, just by the laws of nature set pretty average goals all right. If you took a group random sampling of a hundred different people and put them in the line and this would never work in this room of course right because everyone here is amazing has big goals trying to get some speaker points right.

But if you took a random sampling of 100 people and asked them what’s your biggest goal in life you’d probably find that somewhere between 80 to 90 of them would have answers that are similarly as interesting or dis-interesting as the case may be today.

And that’s okay right there are many goals you’ll have in your life that are personally meaningful and personally fulfilling that are completely uninteresting to anybody else.

But if there’s something that you want to do that’s going to take a team something that you’re going to do that needs help from others you must use big dream influence to capitalize to get people’s attention to make your ideas more attractive because adventure makes you more attractive it’s true right.

I was looking at research on happiness reports and on life regrets and I started putting together the numbers from these different from these different reports you know what I learned.

I learned just by the time I’m done talking today 47 people and he right here in the United States will have died unhappy, two points our 2.5 million by the end of the year and their biggest regret will be that they didn’t live a life true to themselves. They didn’t step outside of their comfort zone they didn’t answer that call to adventure when it presented itself and I had to ask myself if the reason that is is because it felt like such a big commitment it felt like it was something too big to do.

But what is big right we just talked about these big ideas and that’s great but can you do anything really big or as big just the culmination of many small things right, going to Russia and climbing a mountain that’s big kind of I guess.

But you can’t just go to Russia right to go to Russia you have to get on a plane and to get on a plane you have to buy a ticket and to buy a ticket you have to you have to save some money right and to save some money you have to decide that that’s important to you. So what I want to challenge you to do today is think of this big crazy idea that you have in your head everybody here has one I know they do now I want you to think of one small thing that you can do before you leave here today.

That will take you one step closer to it but more important than that I want you to right now tell yourself that that’s important to you and when you do you’ll find I thought I believed that you’re well on the way to making yourself smarter stronger and more attractive.



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