Then the sun passed over me and went into darkness. I saw the light and comprehended it not. I felt the beckoning of the abyss. The sorrow of damnation tore at my flesh, and yet my cries for mercy renewed me upon the stage of suffering. My tears were dry, and burned my flesh, and I writhed in agony.

Before my eyes flashed my eternity, growing ever distant, like a star zooming away into the horizon, and my soul reaching out to its fading light. And before my eyes, these moments, became a spectacle to me, of my own ignorance, and I felt them magnified and press down upon my being, their revelation casting shadows upon me, their shadows a single drop of a rain in the storm that consumed me, the storm of darkness, the eternal darkness, which seized within itself, the great abomination, a festering wound, an endless upheaval.


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