Your future is not defined by those who left, you shouldn’t have to wait for anyone or plan your future around someone who left in hopes they could come back.

Your future is not tied to the ones who don’t care about having you in their future, it’s not tied to anyone who leaves and expects to come back and find you.

Your future is not tied to the ones who couldn’t love you or the ones who didn’t believe in you, it’s not tied to the ones who told you that you can’t do certain things or follow your dreams, it’s not tied to the people who wanted you to settle for a life you didn’t enjoy.

Your future is not tied to the ones who fooled you, the ones who made promises they couldn’t keep, the ones who kicked you when you were down, the ones who pretended to be your friends because they needed something from you. Your future is not tied to anyone who betrayed you or anyone who took your love and kindness for granted.

You don’t have anything to prove to these people, you don’t have to work so hard to prove them wrong and you don’t have to consider them anymore when making a decision. Their opinions don’t matter, their criticism will no longer be heard and what they think of you shouldn’t bother you because they’ll never see you for who you are and they’ll never see you as someone capable of doing great things because they’re only interested in seeing themselves, they’re too busy focusing on their own greatness to realize yours.
Your future is not tied to anyone who doesn’t think you’re great or someone who is not afraid of losing you. Your future is not tied to people who belittle you or make you feel small, it’s not tied to people who forget you. Your future is not tied to people who make you feel like you’re not good enough.

Because the people in your life make all the difference; in your confidence, in your energy, in your determination, in your willpower, in your self-love and in how you see the world and the future. So don’t pick people who make you fear the future or attract the same toxic patterns of the past, don’t pick people who are waiting for the first sign of trouble to leave, don’t pick people who find excuses to leave instead of reasons to stay.

Don’t pick people who won’t make your future brighter, only pick those who are not afraid of the dark and know how to find the light. Pick the ones you can count on because you will need the right kind of people around you when you’re down. Pick the ones who love you enough to stay no matter how difficult you are and how diffcult your journey will be. Pick the brave ones, the ones who are only scared of losing you.


Quote Gabriel Marcel And Martin Heidegger


and i sit here, wondering, to this day…if there wae a single thing i could have done to make you want differently. to make you want me to stay. to make you decide not to leave me. but i come to the conclusion….there was nothing i could have done. i couldnt change the way you thought of me. and what saddens me is, i never will. ever again. because who would want a girl like me?

The atheist relies not on an experience but on an idea, or pseudo idea, of God: if God existed, He would have such and such characteristics; but if he had such characteristics, He could not allow etc…His judgment of incompability, in fact, is based on a judgment of implications.

– Gabriel Marcel

For him, the key experiences and challenges of existence are individual: Alone we suffer, alone we die, and alone we must make meaning out of our fate. The highest value, then, is not goodness but authenticity; above all, authenticity in the face of death. To accept one’s actual condition of mortality and thrownness, not to flee from these difficult facts into consoling illusions and abstractions

By coining new, technical terms like “thrownness” (Geworfenheit), and by referring to the human being not as a person or even a “subject” but as Dasein—literally, in German, “being-there”

Humans alone among the animals are aware of death, since we alone are “temporal”, reaching back into the past and anticipating the future. Our temporality helps to explain how we alone have a certain distance or “elbow room” with respect to other beings, how we have freedom from our immediate surroundings, and how we alone become aware of our position as a being among the whole of beings, and can therefore engage in philosophy.

We are generally “inauthentic”, doing and believing what one does and believes. But sometimes we ascend to “authenticity”, choosing to do our own thing, a feat that is especially encouraged by an awareness of the inevitability of one’s own death.

18th of August, 1941

Dear Fritz, dear Liesel, dear Boys! […] It is not Russianism that will bring about the destruction of the earth but Americanism, not just the English but all of Europe has fallen prey to it as it represents modernity in its monstrosity.

know by my own experience how, from a stranger met by chance, there may come an irresistible appeal which overturns the habitual perspectives just as a gust of wind might tumble down the panels of a stage set – what had seemed near becomes infinitely remote and what had seemed distant seems to be close.

almost think that hope is for the soul what breathing is for the living organism. Where hope is lacking the soul dries up and withers…



Sorry i didt mean to throw that line, about those line which hurt ur feelings, i didt mean to mock/offense u with my words. At that time i was temporary mad, or my anger at its peak.

Cause i cant graps the reality, i cant understand what the problem is.

You hurt me, i cant understand.. So i hurt you back. I dont even tryn to understand bout what u felt and contemplate bout it instead.

As i lay here in my bed, recallin all tht ive learned. Im thinkin all bout u and i have experienced that we have been through together (good and bad).

Once again. I’m incredibly embarrassed and ashamed for all the bad that I said and done to you. About you mother too. Im sorry. That was thoughtless line ever. Now it became my one of my fault/guilt/regret/embarrassing moment which make me think I wish that I could push a rewind button of my life

I couldn’t think clearly that time, cause i was feeling hurt and lost in the dark that i didt see. I take full responsibility for what i have done.

You are right, im slutty, bad person, im far worst than cj.. But there’s nothing to do with dan, she is the nice one.

Now i understand, that’s ur right to choose a path makes you to be happy with, and who am i, who tryn to keep u, tie you up and told you to stay with me while you r not happy at all. Even you r not my property rights.

And i also want to add, that guy would be so lucky to have you.. I was so luck to have you.

And i will continue my efforts in bettering myself as im becoming a much better person.

I want to say. That im sorry. I imagine this is mean nothing to u and no longer holds any weigh, but i feel universe remorses for all that i said to you.

Im prepared and willing to accept that you won’t forgive me. I just wanted you to know the truth about how i feel and to attempt to make peace with people in our past, whom we ve hurt or hurt us, whether you accept or reject my apology is up to you, and at least i tried.

I have learned to effectively use the experience of the past to help with my efforts in making myself and my life better. And now i want to make peace with you, once more i want, with my every beat of my heart. Im sorry.



Does “Animal have the humanity more than human these days” … sometimes it does, and doest, sometimes I lost faith in humanity, sometimes I don’t, we were living in cruel world, kalau kata nietz kita terlalu naïve apabila hanya menginginkan ‘positive side’ dari realita, dan mengabaikan ‘evil’ itu sendiri. Hanya orang sakit yang bertarung dengan musuh-musuh yang lemah..

Kalau kita perhatikan sekitar kita, akan menyiratkan terkadang kemanusiaan manusia semakin hilang. Dan itu benar juga. Orang yang punya gelar, tidak semua lebih pintar dari pada orang yang tidak bergelar.

Kita tak akan bisa mengerti orang lain kalau kita tidak mengenal diri kita sendiri. “Understanding is deeper than knowledge. Because there are so many people who know you, but there are only few who understand you”. Sama juga dengan membaca buku. Berapa banyakpun buku yang kita baca, kalau kita tidak mengerti, tidak berguna… Mengenali diri sendiri itu sangat-sangat penting karena, everything is comes from within…



“That is love, to give away everything, to sacrifice everything, without the slightest desire to get anything in return.”
-Albert Camus

“Love is what makes sex more than masturbation. If there is no love even if you are really with a partner you masturbate with a partner.”
Sama kaya analogi tissue.
―Slavoj Zizek

We were so close we had everything, we could feel the others pain, we would have our hearts sync to each other’s rhythm but then something changed, either you changed or I changed and we started missing beats. We blamed ourselves and that grew into blaming each other. We used to be so strong together, and now we use that power to fight against one another but the problem is we don’t know how to stop fighting. We were just out of rhythm so we keep stepping on each others toes and we need to just get back into the beat of the song that we dance to and get back to dancing. Not yelling…

Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could. — Louise Erdrich

Hurricane of emotions. Tornados of doubts. Your enjoyment seeing me on the ground, is this what your love is about? — You cause storms and droughts. You move my soul left and right. You are the reason I die every single night. — On the brink of insanity, at my peak of despair. Like a nymph, you come and caress my hair. — Is this the way you want to love me? … Is this the only way you will look me in the eyes?

How can you say you know me. When you’ve only seen my skin — Don’t mark me with your footprints. If you plan to leave too soon. And only want to know me. Because the birdsong might be pretty. But it’s not for you they sing. And if think my winter is too cold. You don’t deserve my spring.

We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone. – Orson Welles

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. – Johathan S

Interesting question only came up from an interesting person.

No-one has ever properly understood me, I have never fully understood anyone; and no-one understands anyone else.

The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it. — Plutarch

All these years on my own. Fight my fight all alone. Till you came, I didn’t know the feeling. Till you left, I didn’t know the feeling. Now it’s a cycle — Unbreakable — Permanent. Never to leave me. Because of you, the feeling is stuck inside. You were once the highlight of my lowlife.

If you are the person who wake up next to me in the morning. Maybe I’d place my ear against your chest, and hear your heartbeat. Beat of the thing that has been working through the night, sound of bloodstream coursing through your vein.. Then you’d place yours too against mine. And you’ll hear the hollow resonance that tells you that I have depleted. You’ll know, that I’m not as picturesque as everyone fantasizes, but will give you every little things I have.. And at least in this barren vastness, there’s room for more of you, to keep and love.

I know you think this world is too dark to even color, but I’ve seen flowers bloom at midnight. I’ve seen kites fly in gray skies and they were real close to looking like the sunrise, and sometimes it takes the most wounded wings the most broken things to notice how strong the breeze is, how precious the flight. — Andrea Gibson

Darling, there are people who will touch your soul before they touch your body; people who will run their fingers through your mind and make you gasp from the profound of intimacy of being so thoroughly explored. — I want you to wait for those people. I want you to remember, you deserve people like that in your life. Just… don’t hold your breath. They’ll find you when it’s time… — R.S.

You think you’ve seen her naked because she took her clothes off?. — Tell me about her dreams. Tell me what breaks her heart. What is she passionate about, and what makes her cry? Tell me about her childhood. Better yet, tell me one story about her that you’re not in. — You’ve seen her skin, and you’ve touched her body. But you still know as much about her as a book you once found, but never got around to opening.

To the woman reading this with a restless soul and an aching heart, i want you to know that sometimes you have to break down in order to break through. – mba2 fluxcup

We real cool. We left school. We lurk late. We strike straight. We sing sin. We thin gin. We jazz June. We die soon. -G. Brooks

I would simply choose the person who has no one, so that they would have someone, even if that person is a complete stranger, as long as my loves are loved. I would seek out the unloved and mke them loved.