(2010) Two thousand ten, shorty before Sunday rain..

I got a call, my friend said, zaenal is not longer living

I thought he was dying..

Softly I spoke, is this a joke ? you gotta be kidding

The meaning of Death, made me question about the meaning of life

At this moment, hope god, give me explaination bout this question


After that gray day, I always questioning of a death

While im sleeping, I keep dreaming

The devil keep torturing

Then I hear people screaming

Am I dying? Feels like nails being stuck in my liver

Suddenly My eyes crying, my body start to shiver

I screaming like im newborn

The pain must too strongs maybe my soul trying to move on

When the death coming

Does my body remain at rest like when im sleeping


I would like to know, where the death lead me on ?

So I keep asking about the death and about what it brings ?

Like im studying in philosphy classes

Or do my molecules and atoms travel back to the gases?

I mean, what I like to know, is where my spirit goes?

While im dying and death coming

Is there pain it brings or am I enjoy my favorite things?

While im gone, am I in different world, where there is ancient kings?

Or will I hear the angle scoding about the sins

But I want hear the angle sing


And everytime I questioning about the death, my only answere is life


We are look healty at the first then things could be the worst


We all born to die

But some of us was born to kill

If the death wait, hope tomorrow morning will


One life

God had set you free

So ask my self

Am I living in this moment

Am I living righteously

It gets hard

But I know, I got to keep on

Im trying so hard to be strong

I dedicate this one to my grandma who had take care of me as well.. zaenal, thx all this time you have fought side by side with me.. then nadia the clever one’s.. and romadin he is good person.. they all have to die early, perhaps they have the brighter future than me.. they deserve to life.. especially nadia, she always handle everything as well, perfectly and smoothly.. why dont u take my place.. and Rest in Peace to all of my friend who had hatred on me, who is still alive, but already dead to me,,


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