i feel like ive been missing something
And it feels like its not right at all,

Cause i know that part of me is craving for something that i never had before
And even when i have my doubts i still waited like a miracle could happen
But those words that kept me from saying what i want to

but as soon as i realise this was all an illusion
the touch the kiss
And thought it was a bliss
But when it ends i knew it wasnt real
it was just a temporary feel
but it had got me crying
And lying about myself

this wasnt how i want it to end but
Trust me it fucking hurts like hell
Right from the start where i fell
I wish i never missed you
Always obssesed with the thought of you

But all of this was just a big mistake
The one risk that i shouldnt take
It wouldnt be like this if i were to just
Kept my words to myself
Even if its meant to kill myself

but i already did inside this mind
And i wished not to find
something that will lead to hopeless
Other than feeling so useless(12/12/16)


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