Physically I’m me,
Mentally I’m you.

I’m not concerned about other people’s inability to relationship. They’ll either learn and adapt or die bitter.

So I just equate these tangents, from, “feminists did this to us”, to, “woman aren’t even woman anymore” as just temper tantrums. Like a child stamping their feet because Ma’ said they can’t have a cookie.

People all over the world by the hundreds of millions hook up, stay dating or get married, have families and live their lives. Some divorce and start over, some end up widowed, others stay married. Nobody else has a problem with this.

If somebody doesn’t want to get married, cool. That’s their problem.

If somebody doesn’t want to get married but has to tell the entire world why (I.E. blame someone or something for their inability to hook up with someone), they’re just obnoxious.

Nobody gives a damn. Mind your own genitals. Don’t make your problems our business.

Addendum to all of this, marriage is an outdated, archaic tradition that binds couples together through legal contracts, and despite the fact that it does make some documentation easier as a result, it largely has no purpose.

But that still doesn’t change the fact that marriage can hold a personal meaning between the couple involved and can be absolutely worth the ceremony and vows simply because of what the gesture means to them.

So if people want to marry, that’s cool too. If you don’t understand it, nobody cares.

I don’t understand why people eat seafood, I think that shit is disgusting, but a lot of people do, and they couldn’t care less what I think.

I won’t get any sleep tonight but she won’t care.
I’m covered in new scars but she won’t care.
When she’s the only one that could make things okay, she won’t care.
I’m just a wreck.
Just another mess.
I can’t crawl out.
But who the fuck will care.
Who will show me things are okay.
Who will show me I can be loved with every ounce of crazy.
Who will take the time to understand why I am this way.

And who could even love me enough to stay.

I stop talking and contain myself,as i hurt inside. If there is no eyes watching me cry. There ears that can hear me cry. When all I want is to be alone.

What you look for in others
I hope you find in yourself

The excess value you produce gets reinvested and increases the over all system efficiency, which in turn leads to the whole circle growing over time, as opposed to shrinking the circle which would happen if the excess value produced was siphoned off to support the unproductive parts of the economy via taxes.



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