In the cold night
There’s a girl
That lay and wait
For a day
Of to be noticed
So she cry and cry
For something or someone
But she’s afraid to be open enough
To anyone
Cuz people are cruel to her
And she just don’t get it
So the girl dumb herself and put herself down
And talks about herself
Cuz in school boys tease her
Pick on her
And take her as joke
And that hurts her
And the girls are no better
They say awful things about her
But the girl doesn’t do anything about it
All she do is ask her mom
But her mom doesn’t give her the correct answer cuz her mom doesn’t care what the girl is going through
So at night the girl lays in bed thinking about the pain and the hurt
Of being a teenager
And all she could manage to do is cry
But why is she crying?


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