“Hey, I hope you’re doing well and okay (but also that you remember to think about me from time to time, so I’m not forgotten).”
-I often type messages that I will never send to you

“It’s okay not to love me, after all, I’m working on loving myself.”
-The first step is me telling you I’m broken

“Please understand that it’s easier for me to make jokes rather than feel too much. There’s always so much to feel.”
-The second step is you trying not to fix me

“You never lose that aspect of hopeless romanticism you once put on the highest pedestal. Everything is disappointing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have standards.”
-I have never been one for intimacy without connection, my darkest emotions included

“Just give me a minute, I’ll stop crying soon.”
-I promise I’ll stop opening my mouth to scream when nothing comes out eventually


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