Because that’s what I do I talk to inner demons for years I struggle with my owner inner demons of the hate anger guilt shame self-loathing and I learned a lot about them and out of that came what is now an emotional healing technique called the drawing out process.

So i actually wasn’t talking to this guy, instead of talking to this guy this little hate devil over there on that picture. that they’re struggling with so sometimes it’s a devil sometimes it’s a little child having a temper tantrum, sometimes it’s a wall or a boulder or an animal or a monster core or even just an inner critic like a meat angry mom or dad and then they named that part of them and then I have a conversation with it

 I had a conversation with it and sure enough it was trying to scare her it said why was it trying to scare her was trying to scare the hell her through the conversation i discovered that it was just trying to get her attention why was it trying to get her attention because it was lonely and it just wanted a friend

I’m here to tell you that the way we have been taught to see and treat these parts of us that we consider so demonic and so bad that the way we’ve been taught to see them is completely wrong you want to know the truth about inner demons they are not bad in fact no part of you is.

That how do I know this because I’ve talked to a lot of them I’ve talked to a lot of your demons my demons and other people’s differences and every single one of them i found that they all have good intentions for you, they’re actually trying to help you they aren’t trying to hurt you the only thing is their methods may not be so good may not be so helpful they may have learned it from someone who treated you badly in your life or whatever the case may be but their intentions are always good either they’re trying to love and protect you or they’re trying to get love and protection from you they don’t know that they’re hurting you

What you’re doing isn’t helping, it’s hurting and you know what that monster does you’ll go like this to suddenly it’s like I’m so sorry i didn’t know, that i didn’t know i was hurting. Then become completely they just dissolve into contrition and sweetness an apology, because really what do they want they want your love they want your friendship they want to hug.

Fighting them doesn’t work here is struggle with an inner demon and don’t worry I’ve have a lot i’ve started with a lot so you’re in good company yeah it’s ok we all do we all do right does it work to fight with them does it work to numb them outright it just comes right back right doesn’t work to suppress them or push them down or argue with them or deny that pretend tthey’re not listen, to them doesn’t work.

No it just puts his further and deeper into struggle and what we really want don’t we all want to feel at peace as long as their struggle inside there, isn’t peace. So what does work how do we help these parts of us feel more at peace so that we can feel more at peace listen to them and understand them, truly understand, why they’re here, they’re not actually here to hurt you they’re trying to help.

You think, think they’re helping you they really do they just want to be close to you. Thank them and embrace them,


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