You ever find yourself in a social situation and all of a sudden it starts your heart races a hundred miles, an hour your mind blanks out and feel a knot in your stomach or chest and the more you fight it the worse it gets.

So you start doom thinking, you fear all these worst-case scenarios that might happen they probably think I’m a loser and if they pay attention to me I just know that they can see me being anxious.

I got to remain my cool, what if I embarrass myself, what if they start criticizing me, what if they humiliate me.

You see the situation that you’re in through the filter of possible danger and you’re hyper alert to the things that you fear might happen like being disapproved of or made fun of or look foolish and so on and all of these social anxiety symptoms are the result of the fight flight freeze response.

This fight flight freeze response is our built-in survival response that gets activated when our mind perceives danger, now once it gets activated adrenaline gets pumped through your veins blood rushes away from your head and your digestive system into your outer limbs and your throat tightens up it puts your whole system in survival mode.

Now the activation of this response enables you to fight run or hide from the danger that your mind perceives so the social anxiety symptoms that you experience erasing heart mind blanking a lump in your throat, tightness in the chest, the panic the sweaty hands and so on are the result of this fight flight freeze response having been activated.

So while anxiety seems to be the problem you’re trying to overcome it’s actually not the real problem or not the only problem, the real deeper underlying problem is that your subconscious mind perceives you to be unsafe in social situations and because it perceives danger it automatically responds to that danger by firing off the fight flight freeze response which causes you to experience anxiety symptoms.

So since anxiety is merely the result of our mind firing off its built-in response to danger only focusing your efforts on beating your social anxiety won’t work, it’s like hosing water out of a boat with a leak in it.

You’ll stay afloat but until you fix the leak water will keep coming into your boat by dealing with what triggers the activation of your fight flight freeze response you are fixing the leak in your boat.

So to speak to be anxiety free you need your subconscious mind to perceive that you are safe in social situations when your mind belief that you’re safe there no longer is a fight fight freeze response that gets activated, as a result you no longer experience the anxiety symptoms.

When you’re in a social setting, so why does your subconscious mind perceive danger well that’s because of negative limiting belief. Because of these beliefs it reads certain social situations as dangerous and because of these beliefs your subconscious reacts by firing off its automated built-in response to that perceived danger to fight flight freeze response and the fight flight freeze response results in you experiencing something we label as anxiety.

Now in order to change that perception of danger you need to neutralize or change the negative limiting beliefs that are causing your subconscious mind to perceive the danger in social situations.

Once you’ve successfully neutralized or change these negative limiting beliefs your subconscious mind perceives you to be safe in social situations and then the fight flight freeze response won’t be activated and you no longer experience anxiety.


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