(i did not write this but it is part of a spoken word that i listened to today)

…building memories is a dangerous seed
because once planted, it never leaves
roots grow further into once lifeless dirt
and if those roots continue to grow and if one day they are ripped up goddamn will it hurt

with every new experience, i watch our precious roots extend
all i can hope is i’ll never see their ends
because i need you like the roots need water
i need you like the trees need the sun to grow taller
i need you and sometimes that’s too much to bare
i need you and it leaves me fucking scared

because i cannot stop this persistent thought that one day our trees will be gone –
but the roots will remain
left to soak up tears that dropped in a moment’s pain
oh the roots will remain
leaving me with vibrant feelings that i will never feel the same…

When you were little,
And you fell down,
They would ask you where it hurt
And you would point to your knee, elbow, or hands,
And they would make it better.

But you noticed,
As you got older,
If you fell,
They would never ask where it hurt.

You sit silently in your room,
Waiting for someone to ask you where it hurts,
Pointing to your head, your heart.

Because that is where the pain hurts the most.
But nobody asks.
And nobody makes it better.


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