Everything’s black now
You’re in my soul
Even if you shouldn’t
It’s cold today
Only you’re not here
We used to be together

I seek for your look
I remember it’s like the sunset
Red like my story
I cannot say
“Goodbye” to you
I’d rather fall silent

Days pass by, they’re always similar
I try to fly away
But I’m tired already

In my dreams, I never
Met you
For with you I lose my mind
But it’s better that way
I’d like to know who I am
In my dreams, sometimes
It happens that one of them isn’t mine
And these days I’m like the ocean
You don’t know if I’m alive
Look into my eyes

I see our sky
I want to go there
Someday, somewhere
My ship will stay here
But it’ll sail
Without a destination

My life is only winters
Not white at all
Without any reasons


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