[Sentence Explained in a Sentence]

When around me was nothing but only darkness and solitude

I feel, I lost my way.. it is like who do you follow when your time feels borrowed, I go astray now..

I had no one, so you tellin me, where do I suppose put my heart in? can someone put a life in my heart anyone?

Me and my friends, We have got a few altercations and lost half of my friends because disputation and conrestation..

But I had someone in my life once, she understand me when no one else can, willingly sit next to me become my ears and hear all my stories. When we were being catty conversation goes witty. We laugh out loud like no one else around.

When we were standing next to each other, I remember you took my hand and we did a reel like scottish in folk dance, now time to stop… life flashes fast when you in a whirl, soon I thought we were like double helix in cell make a beauty at the same time.

No one ever around me before like you did to me, there is no place like home before in my life, buy me any tickets and I don’t wanna go to anywhere without you, you changin me from the time like no one around.

In the dark we glow, we are high when it is low, and sometimes through concrete – flowers grow. Now what? Those memories turned up into sorrow.

Now I stand on my own like sicily, literally.

My circle so small, i sort them out, and giving some permit to those who around me, so only a few can access me.

I tried and started thinking way beyond my age when I hit 17.. I had a smile of a child but a mind like 35, maybe I lived in dirty life.

Madness, they say death take you to a better place if you went to heaven but I doubt it, after that they never spoke about it. Now I have seen death like sign language. I flirt with death and cuddle the life..

and life is so precious but I don’t like this pressure..working jobs and little wage, from my youth maybe till middle age, I lost my freedom, and my life I wonder why I must get burn from young beefing with these low lifes and ended by cold nights. I still remember it 20 minutes drive and then I have a city filled with a life, somewhere someone buying clothes, food and the same time in different place youts cluthin a knife, maybe for the same thing, for the same reason, most for the pride.

Big business, flashing lights, two completely different sides, juxtaposed from guns and knives. I will tell you the issue, I never came from a broken home, but the system came and broke my home.. This tracks got me on a rage, I could feel my self changing, I started ageing, my mind started fading, and my back started aching..

all this time I have been through the lifeless time, stressed out, felt numb and distraught.. im fuckin confused, im struggling to keep up with man who got nothing to lose, but I do with nothing to prove… im always got the metal in my head like it is a wedding ring.

Do you think im telling lies? Im just venting on a low and need to get it off from my chest sometimes, if the truth hurts, I like being lied to.. but I cant deal with issues in the ways that I would like to.. I shouldt need to say what is real, this is common sense for the man who got their head set straight. And my words carry weight.

Probably you ve seen me or seen my picture, but you never spent a day inside my camera roll.


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