Give it up.
Dreams of grandeur.
A famous future in a solid house.
A rich man’s car and trophy spouse.

Trade it in, for
Cold hard reality dawns upon us daily.
Broken mind and broken heart.
Too wrecked on the inside to start at the start.

Teach me a lesson.
Then bury me deep.
Give me a kiss.
Then send me to sleep.

Ready my soul for eternal damnation.
Poison spread across the reversible nation.
Destroying the old, and catching the young.
A murder–
Where I’d it coming from?

Is it time to just accept.
The shit hand of cards we were dealt.
So weakened, we’re inept.
An excuse for all the things we’ve felt.
And a mirror to show us ourselves.
What we know we are.

I’m ready for a dose of finality.
It’s soon to be.
The end of me.


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