He kisses the curve of my shoulder. My shoulder blade. Five kisses down my spine, one softer than the next. “I will be here every night,” he whispers, his words so soft, so tortured, “to keep you warm. I will kiss you until I can’t keep my eyes open.”

-Ignite Me, TM

“Everyone promises forever until they find someone better”


1: a descriptive word.
it has no deeper meaning.
it should not determine
the worth
(or lack thereof)
of a human being.

how can you say i don’t deserve you when all i’ve ever been is yours?

People say man up.. when its like my mom is the strongest person i know. Woman up.

If you still think about it and it still doesn’t make sense, close the book and read something different.

The problem is .. I can’t force you to love me.

My hands beg to caress the curvatures of your body. Let my mind tangle in yours. Our thoughts overlapping as our bodies do the same. My heart longs for you. Yours for mine. Love me. And i’ll love you more. Only in time my sweet dear.

people will upset you
then label you with having
issues with anger

– r.h. Sin: ‘angry.’
from “whiskey words & a shovel”

“why provide relationship benefits to someone who claims they don’t want a relationship…”
R.H. Sin

“Loving the wrong person is self-harm”
R.H. Sin, Whiskey Words a Shovel II

“i’m not worried about death, my biggest concern is not living enough while alive..”
R.H. Sin

“you kill your future by mourning the past”
R.H. Sin, Whiskey Words & a Shovel II

“sometimes we wear masks so long
to hide what we truly feel
that those layers become
an extra skin, a part of our identity”
R.H. Sin, Rest in the Mourning

“I don’t like to open up to people
much. The more you do, the more
they don’t understand. The
more frustrated you become,
the worse you feel.”
R.H. Sin

“i don’t take breaks. you’re either with me or you lose me to someone better than you. i refuse to give you a pass to freely fuck someone else then return to me when you’re tired of being fucked over..”
R.H. Sin



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