When we lose someone that our best friend ever,
The pain nearly breaks our heart..
And grief completely clouds our mind..

How can we stand to be apart ?
Sweet memories brings tears of grief..
That such will be no more.. 😥
And unkind words, though long forgotten..
Can haunt us forevermore..
Things we never did together..
Words we never had the chance to say..
Now will never be said or done..
Since our best one has gone away.. 😥

Yes, when we lose a best one..
Grief cuts us to the bone..
We wonder how can we bear it..
And how can we go on alone for this ? 😥

Even if my heart call out your
name in the rain . . ♥
Even if these arms want to
embrace you again . . ♥
And even if I’m all cried out and
soo much in pain . . ♥
I’ll never fall in love that way
again 😦 . . . ♥ ♥ ♥


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